quinta-feira, 23 de outubro de 2008


1 Des Hommes (4:23)Written By - Hugh Ashton , Regine Fetet
2 Respirer (4:21)Producer - Daniel Miller , Martin Rushent Remix - Daniel Miller , Steve Flood
3 For Pleasure (6:14)
4 Porte Bonheur (3:39)Producer - Daniel Miller , Mark Saunders
5 Dirty (4:52)
6 Tu Te Trompes (3:19)Written By - Hugh Ashton , Regine Fetet
7 The Bell (4:35)
8 Porte Bonheur (Remix) (5:42)Remix - Pascal Gabriel
9 Desolation Land (4:15)
10 Je Suis Passee (7:13)Producer - Martin Rushent
11 Metal & Flesh (5:30)


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poke disse...

can ypu post 'No More-Laughter in the Wings Mini LP 1984' who was on the blog mongoose, not actived anymore these days. sad :(
Can do something?
Many thanks

illusion disse...


whitepunksondope disse...

Thanks so much for sharing the Hard Corps compilation. I must admit, I never paid much attention to them at the time but havin recently heard the dub/instrumental version of Je Suis Passée from 1985, I was completely blown away by how contemporary it sounded so I am looking forward to hearing some more tracks thanks to your splendid blog!