sexta-feira, 3 de outubro de 2008


dark day==exterminating angel

A1 Raven's Wing (1:56)
A2 Forced Landning (2:06)
A3 Arp's Carpet (3:00)
A4 Chameleon (2:31)
A5 Crown Of Thorns (2:10)
A6 No, Nothing, Ever (6:12)
B1 Laughing Up Your Sleeve (3:14)
B2 Flightless Birds (4:27)
B3 Crib Death (2:11)
B4 Diving Belle (1:11)
B5 Me, Myself & I (2:04)
B6 Univited Guests (2:37)
B7 Trapped (7:33)

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illusion disse...'s my pleasure!
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