terça-feira, 15 de dezembro de 2009

The Body Electric

The Body Electric - Presentation And Reality

1 Imagination
2 Babies On Parade
3 Illusion
4 Interior Exile
5 Zanzibar
1 Dreaming In A life
2 You Left Me Waiting
3 Night Pictures
4 Compelling

The Body Electric - Presentation And Reality [1983].rar

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Anônimo disse...

I like their song from the flexipop series and am eager to listen to this. So thank you very much for sharing! (Just discovered your blog by using Google's blog search.)

Anônimo disse...

The group's name could lead to thinking this was electronic body music -- well, it's not at all! You get cleverly written new wave to synth pop at an outstandingly high level! Great tunes, just try "Interior Exile". Don't miss out! -- Thank you very much for sharing!!! Do you have more by Alan Jansson?