sábado, 27 de setembro de 2008



1 News (3:31)
2 No One Notices Them (4:56)
3 Rays (4:52)
4 Autumn Room (5:29)
Previously Unreleased
5 Minitech (Previously Unreleased Track, 1981) (5:09)
6 News (Embryo) (3:23)
7 Myths (4:00)
8 Unknown (3:31)
9 For A Different Moment (4:44)
10 Observers (4:45)
11 Last Lights Near The Highway 1979 (1:53)


3 comentários:

anthony disse...

I love your website, fantastic music, thanks for posting Kirlian Camera!
Best regards from Anthony in Australia

anthony disse...

Hi, its Anthony again, can you please repost your Kirlian Camera "Ice Curtain" post, the link is not working,
Thanks very much

illusion disse...

Hi Anthony...thanks for your comments....but kirlian camera "ice curtain" link it's work. what problem are you having? if you want... i'll post zshare files.
thanks again!