quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2008


Deux - Agglomerat

Tracklist:01. Justice Injustice (Cold Universe Mix) (3:54)02. Dance With Me (4:01)03. Felicita (3:02)04. Minimaliste (2:25)05. Le Couloir (3:38)06. Game And Performance (3:34)07. Le Camion (5:27)08. Paris Orly (4:20)09. Decadence (3:20)10. Sex And Trouble (4:14)11. Uncle Albert (5:15)12. Golden Dreams (6:44)13. Game And Performance (Solo) (2:57)14. Sailor (4:13)15. Everybody's Right (5:13)16. Ministry Of Love (3:18)

Password: key0key

5 comentários:

Kanap disse...

Hi !!
Thanks for the comment, your blog is a very good, greetings from Mèxico City, Kanàp !!!

Phantom Lady disse...

very good album indeed. Sex & Trouble is my favourite song.

Jakob von Gunten disse...

Thanks for this gem. However, after having downloaded it from rapidshare, there was nothing inside when I opened it. Would you be so kind as to upload it again, please?


Jakob von Gunten disse...

Oh, so sorry. I tried again and it worked well! Wonderful. I've got their Felicita 7", but didn't have a whole album. Love it! Many many thanks!


sexy disse...


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